Hello World!

Hello World!

I’m very excited to be writing Tutum’s FIRST blog post, even if it’s just a short introductory one.

Fernando and I have spent the last several months developing and validating different proofs of concept to a number of cloud-related ideas we had. Along the way we were joined by Camilo Verdugo and Bernardo Pericacho.

Most recently we have focused closely on the services being offered by IaaS and PaaS providers alike – we were rather unimpressed by the technology and services offered and felt there was still room for innovation. We had been toying around with the idea of building an IaaS-like service, but with the caveat of it being powered by Linux Containers (LXC), and without the limitations imposed by PaaS. We knew we could create an innovative service, one that would be simpler to use, and could take advantage of key LXC features and other technological advancements (eg. Docker). So, we’ve been hard at work doing just that, and very soon we will be making our work available publicly! We look forward to hearing all your feedback, comments and ideas on Tutum.

In the meantime, I don’t want to ruin all of the exciting announcements, howtos, demos, etc. that we’ve got coming up. So, stay tuned, we’re moving fast, very fast.

Borja is a co-founder and the CEO at Tutum. Borja holds a MSc in Information Security from Carnegie Mellon, a MSc in Applied Informatics from University of Hyogo, and a BSc in Computer Engineering from Georgia Tech. In his previous life he worked as a R&D engineer developing location based services, and later as a tech consultant for large Telecom providers around the World. Borja describes himself as a tech entrepreneur, hacker and DIYer. When not working on Tutum, Borja likes to tinker with hardware and build things.

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One comment on “Hello World!
  1. stef says:

    I saw there is a tutum/wordpress container. I installed boot2docker on my windows machine (docker pull tutum/wordpress). I got a bunch of lines in terminal where it downloaded ~ 50 mB segments (fs layers) each with what appearred to be a checksum but then could not find the container! (docker ps does not list any containers)
    so i tried again, this time with docker run tutum/wordpress
    Lots of error beeps with the message:
    missing MYSQL_PORT_3306_TCP environment variable
    Did you forget to –link some_mysql_container:mysql ?

    I tried this
    docker build -t tutum/wordpress
    but that predictably did nothing.

    Please forgive my posting here as a comment but I cannot find you support forum.

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