Learn More in the Next Year than the Past Decade

A field guide to ruthlessly learn all the things. If half the battle is figuring out what to learn, the other half is how to learn it as fast as possible. Choose what you want to learn, and this collection of articles will let you take off at a sprint to get there.

Here’s one I just put together to accelerate your learning. Learning is a huge passion of mine and I’ve found these articles to be gems in helping me do more of what I love.

It’s a tour of 9 articles that will teach you how to prime your body and brain to absorb information like a sponge.

I think books are truly amazing. Sometimes it just hits me like a ton of bricks how truly amazing they are. There are books written by authors with decades of experience, at the top of their field, and at the top of their game. They take years out of their life to sit down and figure out how to best transfer their knowledge to their readers. Then they hire professional editors, who can have decades of experience in their own right, to make their words and thoughts even more coherent and impactful.

And the printed page lives on far beyond their author. We have a historical collection of all the best works, from all the best minds, that ever lived…And it’s all available to us for usually no more than $20 and a few hours.

That’s why I included Tim Ferriss’ quick primer on how to increase your reading speed 300% in just 20 minutes. You’ll learn how to read books faster than ever.

If you’ve never heard of wayfinder.co they’re a really cool service that allows you to stitch together a collection of articles/webpages. It looks great visually and is a really nice way to navigate through related articles. You can even give it a theme and description, as well as annotate each article with the reason you’re including it.

Wayfinder collection

Enough talking, click here to jump into the Wayfinder collection

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