Announcing the Completion of our Container Platform


Automate the full software development lifecycle from Git Push to Deployment

Starting today, Tutum now supports and automates the build and test processes using just a Docker Compose file.

This latest update allows you to automate your build, test, deploy and manage workflow all from one simple-to-use and fully-managed platform.

This suite of features forms the foundation of Tutum’s vision to provide the simplest way for developers to go from code to production.

Key Features

  • Tutum now automates the entire software development lifecycle from Git push to deployment  enjoy the full power of Tutum with a single ‘Git push’.
  • Build your Docker images on your own infrastructure – no more unpredictable build times or waiting in a queue; you’re in full control of your own Docker builds. Learn more
  • Automate testing of your application the Docker way – avoid the constraints of a traditional CI/CD provider test environment; maintain full control and reduce risk by using your own Docker images. Learn more
  • Tutum builder – anyone can start using our open source Tutum/builder project to automate the building and testing of their Dockerized applications right now.

In our goal to remain an agnostic platform, we’re happy to announce that we’ve expanded our support for Linux distributions:

The entire team is extremely excited to get this integral piece of the platform into your hands. We can’t wait to see what you start building (lol, pun intended).

-The Tutum Team

Borja is a co-founder and the CEO at Tutum. Borja holds a MSc in Information Security from Carnegie Mellon, a MSc in Applied Informatics from University of Hyogo, and a BSc in Computer Engineering from Georgia Tech. In his previous life he worked as a R&D engineer developing location based services, and later as a tech consultant for large Telecom providers around the World. Borja describes himself as a tech entrepreneur, hacker and DIYer. When not working on Tutum, Borja likes to tinker with hardware and build things.

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    Awesome! You just made my day!

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    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

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