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At Tutum, we’re always willing to improve and add features to our service, but we’re also not afraid to provide brand new products that can complement Tutum and make the user experience even better. That’s why we’re proud to introduce to you our latest product:!

What is is a registry of stackfiles (nearly identical to docker-compose), accessible and usable by anyone.
This product was created when we noticed that it was difficult to find a docker-compose file to use as a template to start a project, and we came across new users every day asking for sample stackfiles to use with Tutum.

As a result of that demand, we came up with the idea of a registry with built-in search, that allows users to find, share, use and deploy stackfiles really quickly.


The team dedicated to this project wanted to make an app with a complete set of features that would make using and finding stackfiles easier than ever.
Here is a list of the main features you can currently find in Stackfiles:

  • Search: you can search for stackfiles by name, service tags and also docker-image names. Find the perfect stackfile for your next project!

Getting a jumpstart using Docker is just a search away

  • Submit Stackfiles: users can submit their own stacks and share them with their friends, co-workers, and the world. In order to do so, login with your Github account and click “Submit Stackfile,” which will allow you to select a stackfile/docker-compose file from one of your Github repositories (personal or organization), and from a specific branch. You can then name your stackfile and give it a short description. Every stackfile added will be auto-tagged, stored and shareable with the community in a snap!
    The stackfile is fetched from Github every time you update it on your Github account, so the latest version will always be immediately available on
  • Deploy to Tutum: we’ve integrated our “Deploy to Tutum” button to This allows you to quickly deploy any stack you come across in just a single click. Clicking on it will automatically redirect you to the Tutum app on the “Launch Stack” screen, with the selected stackfile preloaded and ready to be deployed in Tutum. Users will save a lot of time trying out different stacks to ultimately find the right stackfile to meet their needs.
  • Embed stackfiles: this feature is really helpful when you want to display a stackfile in your blog posts or website. By clicking on the “Embed” button, you’ll get a html code including a javascript file and some css, to include the selected stackfile to your website. It also comes with a “Deploy to Tutum” button built-in.

hosted stackfiles@2x

  • Favorites: if you ever find a stackfile that you want to save for later, you can favorite it by clicking on the “star” icon. They will then be listed in the “Favorites” section and accessible whenever you need.
  • My Stacks: this section gives you quick access to your own stackfiles you’ve shared.
  • A user-friendly, beautiful design crafted by our awesome designer!

Screenshot 2015-09-02 11.32.37

How can I use

As it is mentioned on the homepage of the app:

Find the perfect Stack for your next project

Stackfiles can be used to both serve as a starting point for a brand new project, or to help you find the perfect Stack for one of your projects you want to be Dockerized. It will make the whole process of finding/creating the perfect Stack a lot easier while saving you time in the process.

How can I contribute to this project?

The best way to contribute is to submit your own stackfiles to the app, making the stackfiles library denser and richer.
Also, we want to keep an open source project (link at the end of the article). So if anyone has a feature request or simply wants to improve the current app, don’t forget to open issues or a pull request on the Github page of the project. We’ll examine all requests and try to add the most useful features.

What’s next?

While writing this article, v2 is already on track. We plan on improving the current app first and then add some cool new features that you might find useful such as:

  • Login using your Tutum account
  • Shared features between Stackfiles and Tutum itself
  • Private stackfiles

and more!

We really hope you like and that it will become an integral part of your Tutum workflow in the near future.

Stackfiles – Github repository

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