Thank you for an even better 2015!


We bid farewell to 2014 saying “here’s to an even better 2015!” and we’re incredibly grateful that all expectations were far exceeded. What a phenomenal year! It’s unbelievable to look back at early 2015 and see the progress the team made in just under 12 months.

From basic functionality, such as the ability to edit a service, to more complex features such as automated builds & tests, Tutum is orders of magnitude more robust and capable than it was a year ago. But it’s not just about how much the product has grown, it’s also about the team; 2015 is the year in which Docker and Tutum joined forces.

As part of Docker, the team continues delivering on our shared vision – building technology to run any code, on any server, anywhere. We’ve got a lot of surprises up our sleeve: new products, features and enhancements rolling out in 2016!

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our users, without you, we would not have grown to be where we are today. For yet another year, you have been key in shaping Tutum. THANK YOU. Please keep the feedback coming in 2016!

Special Thanks

To the Carroll Family for letting the team crash at their mountain house and enjoy an energizing first company retreat.

To our investors: Kirill Sheynkman and the RTP team, Cameron Lester, Ali Wasti, and the Azure Capital team, Andy Brown, David Carroll, Ted Dziuba, Mike Lazerow, and Patrick Stokes for continuing to believe in us and supporting our decision to join Docker.

To our advisors: Bob Pasker and Tom Preston-Werner. Thank you for your seasoned and honest advice when it was needed most.

To the Tech Stars family, in particular to Alex Iskold for being incredibly helpful and always being there for us.

To Lego for giving our brains a break when we needed it the most – every team member in Tutum receives a personal Lego set for their birthday, a tradition we plan to continue in 2016.


To our users who publicly support us on Twitter:

To the amazing team behind the wonderful DockerCon, thank you for putting together such an amazing conference TWICE a year!

To everyone around the world who invited us to attend events, conferences and meetups around the world:

To our dog, Yuna, for reminding us there’s life outside the container, and “joining” our early morning conference calls.

And each and every one of you that have made 2015 yet another unforgettable year.

Thank you for helping us do what we love, including:

Sending you all free swag:

Playing [shirt-less] ping-pong:

Nerding out together, Star Wars style:

Continuing to nerd out together in a game of Tetris:

For letting us let loose:

and be goofy!

But most importantly, for giving us the opportunity to work hard doing what we’re most passionate about, as part of the Docker family:

Here’s to an even better 2016!

-The Tutum Team

Borja is a co-founder and the CEO at Tutum. Borja holds a MSc in Information Security from Carnegie Mellon, a MSc in Applied Informatics from University of Hyogo, and a BSc in Computer Engineering from Georgia Tech. In his previous life he worked as a R&D engineer developing location based services, and later as a tech consultant for large Telecom providers around the World. Borja describes himself as a tech entrepreneur, hacker and DIYer. When not working on Tutum, Borja likes to tinker with hardware and build things.

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One comment on “Thank you for an even better 2015!
  1. Gloria Burgos says:

    And the best will be coming….
    Y lo mejor….. Está por venir…..

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