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Thank you for an even better 2015!

We bid farewell to 2014 saying “here’s to an even better 2015!” and we’re incredibly grateful that all expectations were far exceeded. What a phenomenal year! It’s unbelievable to look back at early 2015 and see the progress the team

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Tutum & Docker: Run, Container, Run

Today I’m thrilled to announce that Tutum and Docker are joining forces. To anybody that has been following these companies, the announcement may not come as a surprise. After all, the two teams are truly a match made in container

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Announcing the Completion of our Container Platform

Automate the full software development lifecycle from Git Push to Deployment Starting today, Tutum now supports and automates the build and test processes using just a Docker Compose file. This latest update allows you to automate your build, test, deploy

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Blue-Green Deployment using Containers

Introduction I’ll show you how you to set up and execute a blue/green deployment, red/black push, and A/B deployment – all using containers. Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery are generally well-understood concepts. The goal of CI/CD is to automate and quickly

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Tutum Now Supports CentOS

We are excited to welcome CentOS as an officially supported Linux distribution in Tutum! CentOS joins Ubuntu in our growing list of supported operating systems. With this latest release and its support for CentOS, Tutum takes another step towards delivering

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Container Composability: a General Commentary and Brief Overview

Continuing with our objective to provide you with the best container tooling to work simply and flexibly, I’d like to discuss the topic of service composability: the current state of affairs in the OSS world (docker-compose), what we’re doing at

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Thank You for an Amazing 2014

2014 has been a once-in-a-lifetime year for Tutum. The original project was hacked together in 2 months in Buenos Aires, and this year we saw Tutum turn into a cloud platform being used by thousands. We tripled the size of

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