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Modularity in Single Page Applications

I recently joined tutum in an effort to re-engineer the dashboard web interface. The initial/planning stage of any medium to large project shouldn’t be taken lightly unless you want to end up buried in technical debt 3 months in. Defining

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Crafting a New Tutum

When the company first embarked on our redesign of Tutum, the team wasn’t prepared for how fast things can move. Many of our initial UI solutions are no longer applicable as we’ve seen our user’s needs evolve along with our

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How to Run a Design Sprint, Day 0: Prepare

What I want to show is how a resource-constrained startup was able to use a Design Sprint as an invaluable tool to get a lot of shit done in a short amount of time, in a vertical we lacked expertise:

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The Importance of Invisible Design

I recently joined Tutum as the first designer on the team. People are very opinionated about design and it’s a hotly debated topic, but after working several years in this field I want to share my personal design philosophy and

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