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How to Create a Community Using Slack

Slack has already proven to be integral to our internal team communication; I wanted to extend this amazing platform to our users. Here’s what we’ve learned along the way, and some ideas for creating your own Slack community. Why There

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19 Productivity Tools I Use for Maintaining Sanity in a Tech Startup

I have a bit of an obsession with productivity and using tools to make myself more productive. I can’t really put my finger on when this all started, but if I had to guess…it was probably when I was a

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How changing 3 words in an A/B test increased signups by 37%

When first starting A/B testing you can go after a few quick wins. These include: changing button color, changing CTA text, changing headlines, and the placement of elements. I’m going to cover my process for developing and implementing a successful test.

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How to Talk the Talk at your Startup

Navigating the politics of a startup can be tenuous. Add in the fact that you’re a small startup of 6 people, and a dash of rocket-fuel from being in Techstars. Now you’ve brewed up a stew full of crucial moments.

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3 Insights from UNIQLO’s Growth Hack

Hello Internet, it’s Bryan from Tutum. I’m Tutum’s resident Growth Hacker and I wanted to share what I think is one of the greatest growth hacks I’ve seen outside of the Internet. My girlfriend recently came to visit in NYC

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