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Protect Your Docker Containers Against Shellshock

If we didn’t have enough fun already with Heartbleed, security experts want to keep us entertained with the recently disclosed Shellshock bug. In summary, Shellshock is a set of vulnerabilities discovered in how bash parses environment variables which a malicious user can exploit to execute arbitrary code

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Introducing a Brand New Tutum: A Container Platform

We first want to say THANK YOU to our users for all of your support during our beta. We’ve listened to your feedback, and we are making Tutum better than ever. As many have requested, you can now use Tutum

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What is Tutum?

Tutum is the Docker Platform for Dev and Ops. A container platform to take full advantage of the amazing technology that are Docker containers. You can build, deploy, and manage your applications across any cloud infrastructure using Tutum. What are Containers? From Docker

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Tutum Closes $2.65 Million Seed Round Led by RTP Ventures

Today, we are excited to announce that we have closed a $2.65 Million Seed Round led by RTP Ventures with participation from Azure Capital Partners and some fantastic angel investors. We started Tutum in the winter of 2013 with a

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Borja Interview with Lucas Carlson of CenturyLink Labs

You can find the original article here:   Below is a full transcript of the interview: Lucas Carlson: The idea of having Docker containers as your basic foundation instead of virtual machines in the cloud. It’s a new way of

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Introducing Boatyard

We are very pleased to announce the first release of Boatyard. Boatyard is an open source project written in Go which provides an easy-to-use API and a web UI to build Docker images from Dockerfiles, TAR archives, and GitHub repositories; and push them

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Docker Buenos Aires Meetup

Yesterday,  on Wednesday November 27th, Tutum organized and hosted, at the NXTP Labs offices, the first Docker Meetup in Buenos Aires. We feel very strong about how awesome Docker is and wanted to share this awesome open-source project with the

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