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How to Create a Community Using Slack

Slack has already proven to be integral to our internal team communication; I wanted to extend this amazing platform to our users. Here’s what we’ve learned along the way, and some ideas for creating your own Slack community. Why There

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How to Hire Without a Team Dedicated to Hiring

Hiring is tough. It’s exhausting, time-consuming, tedious and nerve racking at times. For what it’s worth, I’ll explore how Tutum goes about tackling the process of hiring without a team dedicated to hiring. Until I sat down to write this

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How to Run a Design Sprint, Day 0: Prepare

What I want to show is how a resource-constrained startup was able to use a Design Sprint as an invaluable tool to get a lot of shit done in a short amount of time, in a vertical we lacked expertise:

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Tutum’s Take on a Distributed Team

  I hope that by now our users and followers are catching on that Tutum is all about delivering a service that, as our CEO likes to say, is the “happy marriage between simplicity and flexibility.” Striking this balance, in

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Learn More in the Next Year than the Past Decade

A field guide to ruthlessly learn all the things. If half the battle is figuring out what to learn, the other half is how to learn it as fast as possible. Choose what you want to learn, and this collection

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Tutum Closes $2.65 Million Seed Round Led by RTP Ventures

Today, we are excited to announce that we have closed a $2.65 Million Seed Round led by RTP Ventures with participation from Azure Capital Partners and some fantastic angel investors. We started Tutum in the winter of 2013 with a

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Dealing With Stress in a Startup

Dealing With Stress in a Startup

There was a fantastic TED talk I watched a couple of months ago. It was given by psychologist Kelly McGonigal titled, “how to make stress your friend.” It’s done wonders on my perspective of what stress is, how to think

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