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Thank you for an even better 2015!

We bid farewell to 2014 saying “here’s to an even better 2015!” and we’re incredibly grateful that all expectations were far exceeded. What a phenomenal year! It’s unbelievable to look back at early 2015 and see the progress the team

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Container Composability: a General Commentary and Brief Overview

Continuing with our objective to provide you with the best container tooling to work simply and flexibly, I’d like to discuss the topic of service composability: the current state of affairs in the OSS world (docker-compose), what we’re doing at

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New Features v0.10.0

We just launched version 0.10.0 of Tutum. This version includes: Published (public) and Exposed (private) ports: you can now choose whether to publish or expose a port. Published ports are accessible publicly over the internet, exposed ports are only accessible

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Panamax Docker Application Template: A Classic 3-Layer WordPress Web Application Cluster with Load Balancer

Panamax Wordpress

Why this template? This Panamax template gives you two WordPress installations that will be sharing web traffic. This will be done through an HAProxy load balancer. We’re using MySQL as the database for both WordPress installations. This template gives you

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Panamax Docker Application Template with cAdvisor, ElasticSearch, Grafana, and InfluxDB

Panamax Dashboard

Panamax just released from Lucas Carlson and his team at CenturyLink Labs. They’ve created a contest for putting together the best Panamax templates, with various categories being judged. They’re giving over $100,000 worth of prizes. Definitely check it out when

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