Load balancing – The Missing Piece of the Container World: part 2

Feng 2

In my previous blog post, I described how easy it is to run a load balancer using tutum/haproxy image. However, the real world use case requires more controls on how the load balancer behaves. I am going to talk about

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Docker Engine in Tutum: A Tale of Three Versions

docker engine@2x

Intro This article intends to show the reader the features and problems we at Tutum have had with the latest versions of the Docker engine and explain the decisions we have taken when dealing with the different versions since 1.5.0.

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CI/CD the Docker Way


Tutum has recently announced build & testing capabilities and we are very happy not only about what we think is a huge step forward in providing the best CI/CD tools for developers, but also because of the amazing planning and

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Crafting a New Tutum


When the company first embarked on our redesign of Tutum, the team wasn’t prepared for how fast things can move. Many of our initial UI solutions are no longer applicable as we’ve seen our user’s needs evolve along with our

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Announcing the Completion of our Container Platform


Automate the full software development lifecycle from Git Push to Deployment Starting today, Tutum now supports and automates the build and test processes using just a Docker Compose file. This latest update allows you to automate your build, test, deploy

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Standing up Ruby on Rails with Docker and Tutum

tutorial ruby

Bootstrapping a development environment can be overwhelming. What starts out as a project that should take only a few minutes, quickly turns into hours of searching and reading Stack Overflow. It seems that Ruby is especially difficult to get a

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How to Hire Without a Team Dedicated to Hiring


Hiring is tough. It’s exhausting, time-consuming, tedious and nerve racking at times. For what it’s worth, I’ll explore how Tutum goes about tackling the process of hiring without a team dedicated to hiring. Until I sat down to write this

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