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Hardening Docker Containers: Disable SUID Programs

When most people think about hardening a Docker container, the first thing they think of is setting the default user to a non-root account. Before an attacker can break out of a container they would need to gain root in

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Docker and S6 – My New Favorite Process Supervisor

Docker and s6

In my previous blog post, I wrote about how I like to use a process supervisor in my containers, and rattled a few off. I decided I ought to expand a bit on one in particular – S6, by Laurent

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The 5 Most Important Things I’ve Learned From Using Docker

  Introduction I’ve been using Docker for a little over a year, on several platforms – local Linux installs as well as cloud providers – and in that time I’ve learned a decent amount about how to manage my own

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Borja Interview with Lucas Carlson of CenturyLink Labs

You can find the original article here:   Below is a full transcript of the interview: Lucas Carlson: The idea of having Docker containers as your basic foundation instead of virtual machines in the cloud. It’s a new way of

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