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Announcing the Completion of our Container Platform

Automate the full software development lifecycle from Git Push to Deployment Starting today, Tutum now supports and automates the build and test processes using just a Docker Compose file. This latest update allows you to automate your build, test, deploy

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New Features v0.10.5

We just launched version 0.10.5 of Tutum. This version includes the ability to specify which node/cluster a service is deployed on using Deployment Tags. – Deployment Tags are used to target the deployment of services to a specific set of nodes. you can

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Announcing Support for Amazon Web Services

We are excited to announce the immediate availability of Amazon Web Services as a supported cloud infrastructure provider for Tutum. You can now use your existing AWS account to deploy new nodes in which to run all your containerized applications.

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Log multiplexing in Tutum

We’re introducing a new feature in Tutum called log multiplexing, which will show the logs of all of the containers by time sequence. Tutum manages docker containers using “Applications.” Applications represent a set of containers running on the same docker image/repository.

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How to use our new Redeploy feature

One of the most common situations in software development lifecycle is the maintenance and the development of new features. Docker users can handle this by creating an image for their software product and a tag for each release, so you

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